WIMSIG Conference 2017: Celebration of Women in Australian Mathematical Sciences

Messages of Support

Kylie Walker (STA)   |   Prof Andrew Holmes AC (AAS)   |   Dr Alan Finkel AO

Kylie WalkerCEO of Science & Technology Australia (STA)

(STA is a national peak body representing more than 68,000 Australian scientists and technologists)

"Science & Technology Australia wants to congratulate the organisers and attendees of the Australian Mathematics Society's 2017 WIMSIG Conference. Australia needs more public champions and role models for women in mathematics, so we can inspire the next generation of young females to consider a rewarding career in STEM."

"STA recognises we are lucky to have a range of impressive mathematicians working and living in Australia, and the more we can increase the visibility of our capable and inspiring female mathematicians, the better our society will be for it."

"We hope that we can work with the maths community through initiatives like Superstars of STEM to celebrate the achievements of Australian mathematicians, and are excited to work with you all to advance gender equity in the mathematical sciences here in Australia and beyond."

Prof Andrew Holmes ACPresident of Australian Academy of Science

"May I offer my warmest congratulations to you and all the participants at this landmark WIMSIG conference 2017. Promotion of the mathematical sciences is of the utmost importance to the cultural, technical and economic development of modern Australia, and it is a fine example to have such strong international participation with all the speakers being women."

"The Australian Academy of Science is contributing a national program, 'reSolve: Mathematics by Inquiry', that provides Australian schools in Foundation to Year 10 with resources to help students learn mathematics in an innovative and engaging way. reSolve is managed by the Australian Academy of Science in collaboration with the Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers, and is funded by the Australian Government Department of Education and Training."

"I am delighted that the Academy of Science Foreign Secretary, Professor Cheryl Praeger, is participating in the WIMSIG conference. Professor Praeger is a national treasure in the international mathematics community."

"I wish you a most productive meeting."

Dr Alan Finkel AOChief Scientist of Australia

"When Lesley Ward asked me to contribute a message of support to you today, I was delighted to oblige."

"I learned in life that all subjects are interesting when you deep-dive into them. There is probably a testable hypothesis behind this observation — such as 'a subject will only be developed to the point of academic relevance if a lot of clever people find it intriguing'. It’s true for biology, history, law, psychology, medicine, maybe even economics. But more than anything else, it applies to maths. Scratch the surface, and you find a world of patterns and meanings. Deep dive, as each of you have, and you are swimming with the dolphins. Every day is a celebration of maths — because every day, maths adds something wonderful to the world."

"I think of Florence Nightingale – yes, Florence Nightingale. I discovered this year that she was a passionate mathematician — who used statistics to shine a light on the terrible toll of deadly, but preventable disease. She was a hero and her superpower was maths. But today is special – because today we celebrate the way that women continue to advance this country. And not just for maths, and in maths, but like Florence: by maths."

"Everyone here today is a role model for our students: the boys as much as the girls. We ought to recognise and nurture that contribution."

"I wish you the very best for a great event."

Updated: 19 Dec 2017