Volume 35 Number 3 July 2008

Complete issue (2.5MB)


146 Editorial (100KB)
147 President’s column: The campaign for USQ (180KB)
P. Hall
151 Puzzle corner 8 (450KB)
N. Do
156 The Style Files: Teach explicit skills with feedback (240KB)
T. Roberts
158 Doctor of Science (honoris causa) awarded to Dr Robert S. Anderssen (160KB)
Terry Mills
160 Report on the annual ICIAM Board meeting 12 April 2008 (670KB)
I. Sloan
162 Obituary Peter Pleasants (170KB)
W. Chen, K. Matthews and R. Street
166 Joint committee on quantitative assessment of research: citation statistics (260KB)
R. Adler, J. Ewing and P. Taylor
189 Trifectas in geometric progression (200KB)
G. Myerson
195 On the definition of topology — a cautionary tale (140KB)
J. Banks, G. Cairns, M. Jackson, M. Jerie, Y. Nikolayevsky and T. Poole
203Pantographic polygons (140KB)
J. Miller and E. Strzelecki
209 Book reviews (270KB)
  • Closer and closer: Introducing real analysis, by C. S. Schumacher (Reviewed by O. Rojas)
  • A course in calculus and real analysis, by S.R. Ghorpade and B.V. Limaye (Reviewed by N.J. Wildberger)
217 AMSI News (240KB)
P. Broadbridge
221 News (160KB)

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