Volume 39 Number 3 July 2012

Complete issue (3.3MB)


106 Editorial (44 KB)
107 President's column (230 KB)
P. Taylor
109 Puzzle corner 28 (216 KB)
I. Guo
115 Maths Jam: playing with maths in pubs, an international movement (210 KB)
119 Euler and the Mathematics Challenge for Young Australians (141 KB)
K.L. McAvaney, P.J. Taylor and S. Thornton
125 A short introduction to self-similar groups (189 KB)
Murray Elder
(Solutions to exercises)
134 Legendre polynomials and series for 1/pi (139 KB)
James Wan
136 Book reviews (240 KB)
  • The Best Writing on Mathematics 2010 by M. Pitici (editor) (Reviewed by Phill Schultz)
  • Math for the Frightened by Colin Pask (Reviewed by Phill Schultz)
140 NCMS News (125 KB)
N. Joshi
143 AMSI News (141 KB)
G. Prince
148 News (144 KB)
162 AustMS (99 KB)


AMSI Sponsored Workshops (797KB)
AMSI Summer Symposium in Bioinformatices (810KB)
Monash University Short Course: Finite volume approximation of scalar conservation laws (443KB)

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