Volume 36 Number 3 July 2009

Complete issue (1MB)


158 Editorial (60KB)
159 President’s column (90KB)
N. Joshi
161 Letter to the editors: Efficient, national, computerised assessment for the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency:Well, for the maths and stats assessment anyway (60KB)
G. Keady
163 Classroom Notes: A measure blowup (150KB)
S. Chow, G. Schrader and J.J. Koliha
166 Maths Matters: Exploratory experimentation: digitally-assisted discovery and proof (240KB)
J. Borwein
176 Puzzle corner 13 (140KB)
N. Do
180 Mathematical Minds (90KB)
R. McIntosh
183 The Access Grid (180KB)
B. Blyth
188 The state of mathematical sciences in Australia (90KB)
H. Rubinstein
191 Chern Medal Award: new prize in science promotes mathematics (110KB)
M. Groetschel
194 SIAM names Fellows for key contributions to applied mathematics and computational science (50KB)
J. Stephenson
195 Report on ICIAM board meeting (50KB)
N. de Mestre
197 On the enumeration of Pythagorean triples having a fixed base length (140KB)
M.A. Nyblom
201 On the evaluation of determinants using two order subdeterminants (140KB)
E. Kramar (author email has been fixed in this version)
208 Book reviews (160KB)
  • The Computer as Crucible: An Introduction to Experimental Mathematics, by Jonathan Borwein and Keith Devlin (Reviewed by Mitch Wheat)
  • Thinking About Goedel and Turing: Essays on Complexity, 1970–2007, by Gregory J. Chaitin (Reviewed by John Wright) (email address fixed in this version)
214 AMSI News (110KB)
P. Broadbridge
216 News (120KB)
228 AustMS (80KB)

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