Volume 34 Number 4, September 2007

Complete issue (1.2MB)


192 Editorial (100KB)
193 President’s column: AMSI (135KB)
P. Hall
196 Classroom Notes : A Course on the History of Mathematics (205KB)
T.M. Mills
202 Puzzle corner 4 (325KB)
N. Do
208 The style files: Use the most informative synonym (180KB)
T. Roberts
210 Rolle to Cauchy (195KB)
J.J. Koliha and P. Zhang
212 Vacancy: ANZIAM Secretary (65KB)
213 Cambridge University Press to publish Australian Mathematical Society Journals (80KB)
M. Cowling
214 MISG2007: Mathematics and Statistics in Industry Study Group (135KB)
T. Marchant and M. Edwards
216 Report on ICIAM 2007 in Zurich (79KB)
N. de Mestre
217 From Heron’s formula to a characteristic property of medians in the triangle(190KB)
A. Benyi and I. Casu
221 How to multiply and divide triangles (115KB)
M. Craig
224 Book reviews (180KB)
  • Yearning for the impossible: the surprising truths of mathematics, by John Stillwell (Reviewed by B. Polster)
  • Applications of abstract algebra with Maple and Matlab, by Richard E. Klima, Neil P. Sigmon and Ernest L. Stitzinger (Reviewed by A. McAndrew)
230 AMSI News (150KB)
P. Broadbridge
233 News (185KB)

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