Volume 35 Number 4 September 2008

Complete issue (900KB)


230 Editorial (50KB)
231 President’s column: Journal Ranking and ERA (100KB)
P. Hall
235 Maths Matters: Mathematics in Australia (120KB)
Terence Tao
239 Puzzle corner 9 (190KB)
N. Do
244 On the form of an odd perfect number (90KB)
T. Roberts
245 Review of mathematics in Go8 universities (40KB)
H. Rubinstein
246 Mathematical sciences questionnaire report (80KB)
H. Rubinstein, P. Hall and J. Thomas
251 ANZIAM 2008: The 44th Applied Mathematics Conference (100KB)
C. Macaskill
254 Access Grid Retreat 2008 Report (120KB)
B. Blyth
258 MISG2008: Mathematics and Statistics in Industry Study Group (90KB)
T. Marchant and M. Edwards
260 Obituary: Rowland Sammut (50KB)
C. Pask
261 Maximum number of vertex-disjoint complete subgraphs (130KB)
L. Vinh
264 Elliptic curves over Q(i) (170KB)
P. Brown and T. Thongjunthug
271 Book reviews (120KB)
  • The mind of the mathematician, by M. Fitzgerald and I. James (Reviewed by G. Clarke)
  • Euclid and his twentieth century rivals: diagrams in the logic of Euclidean geometry, by N. Miller (Reviewed by S. Lack)
276 AMSI News (80KB)
P. Broadbridge
278 News (190KB)
291 AustMS News (90KB)
E. Billington

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