Volume 36 Number 1 March 2009

Complete issue (1.7MB)


2 Editorial (50KB)
3 President’s column (120KB)
N. Joshi
6 Maths Matters: The German Year of Mathematics (240KB)
G. M. Ziegler
12 Puzzle corner 11 (200KB)
N. Do
17 The Access Grid: Australia-New Zealand collaboration and eTeaching with pdf (190KB)
B. Blyth
22 Leaping lasers, it’s the stylus philes! (95KB)
L. Forbes
25 Maths in the media (160KB)
R. Thomas
28 ACT/NSW ANZIAM meeting(165KB)
M. Nelson
30 Group Theory, Combinatorics
and Computation 2009 in Perth
A. C. Niemeyer and G. F. Royle
34 Obituary: Nicholas Michael Dungey (55KB)
X. Duong and D. Robinson
35 Where to look for the zeros of a polynomial (165KB)
S. Veldsman
47 A different look at Albrecht and White’s path counting in grids (105KB)
J.A. Sellers
50 Comment on Counting paths in a grid (95KB)
M. Hirschhorn
53 A correspondence note on Myerson’s Irrationality via well-ordering (95KB)
D.S. Kominers
54 Book reviews (195KB)
  • Figuring Sport , by Graeme Cohen and Neville de Mestre (Reviewed by Jagannath Mazumdar)
  • A History of Abstract Algebra, by Israel Kleiner
    (Reviewed by Bob Berghout)
  • Factorization Unique and Otherwise, by Steven H. Weintraub (Reviewed by Phill Schultz)
62 AMSI News: Valediction (95KB)
P. Broadbridge
64 News(175KB)
80 AustMS News (125KB)

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Updated: 04 Mar 2009