Volume 39 Number 1 March 2012

Complete issue (3.1MB)


2 Editorial (39KB)
3 President's column (86KB)
Peter Taylor
6 Maths Matters: The Cost of Knowledge (127KB)
14 Puzzle Corner 26 (179KB)
Ivan Guo
22 Winner of the 2012 ANZIAM Medal (85KB)
24 Winner of the 2012 J.H. Michell Medal (71KB)
25 The 52nd International Mathematical Olympiad (171KB)
Ivan Guo
30 Obituary: Charles Angas Hurst AM FAA (72KB)
A.L. Carey, P. Bouwknegt and M.A. Lohe
33 Obituary: John Boris Miller (73KB)
Andrew Wirth
35 Graphs and C*-algebras (129KB)
Aidan Sims
40 Book reviews (72KB)
  • Loving + Hating Mathematics by Reuben Hersh and Vera John-Steiner (Reviewed by Phill Schultz)
43 AMSI News (94KB)
Geoff Prince
48 News (113KB)
63 AustMS (88KB)


Mathematics of Planet Earth 2013 (953MB)
2012 AMSI/ANU/UQ Winter School on Geometric Partial Differential Equations (481KB)
Effective Teaching, Effective Learning in the Quantitative Disciplines (37KB)
AMSI: Professional Development for Teachers of Mathematics (953KB)

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