Volume 37 Number 5 November 2010

Complete issue (4.2MB)


274 Editorial (66KB)
275 President's column (258KB)
Peter Taylor
279 Maths Matters: Best current practices for journals (147KB)
International Mathematical Union
286 Puzzle corner 20 (389KB)
Ivan Guo
292 Mathematical Minds (131KB)
Peter Taylor
298 Winners of the 2010 Awards of the AustMS (872KB)
301 ICM 2010 in Hyderabad (172KB)
Anthony Dooley
304 Geometry and Quantum Field Theory (303KB)
Varghese Mathai, Sylvie Paycha and Steve Rosenberg
306 StatPhys24 conference (135KB)
Jan de Gier and Jon Links
308 MISG2010 (115KB)
Lynne McArthur and John Gear
312 Higher degrees and Honours Bachelor degrees in mathematics and statistics completed in Australia in 2009 (119KB)
Peter Johnston
317 Obituary: David McDougall (119KB)
Ute Mueller
319 On recent trends in climate dynamics (184KB)
Georg A. Gottwald
327 Book reviews (328KB)
  • Homage to a Pied Puzzler and Mathematical Wizardry for a Gardner by E. Pegg Jr, A.H. Schoen and T. Rodgers (eds) (Reviewed by Peter Donovan)
  • Structure and Randomness by T. Tao (Reviewed by Andrew Hassell)
  • Gödel's Proof (revised edition) by E. Nagel and J.R. Newman (Reviewed by Murray Elder)
336 AMSI News (139KB)
Geoff Prince
340 News (127KB)
350 AustMS (123KB)

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