Volume 36 Number 5 November 2009

Complete issue (1.3MB)


302Editorial (50KB)
303President’s column (100KB)
N. Joshi
305Letter to the editors: Marx and Mathematics (110KB)
M. Deakin
307Maths Matters: Can the mathematical sciences thrive in Australia? (100KB)
H. Rubinstein
310Puzzle corner 15 (180KB)
N. Do
315Mathematical Minds (130KB)
T. Tao
3227th joint Australia –New Zealand Mathematics Convention (140KB)
R. Beatson
324‘Oh no. A woman doing mathematics!’ (300KB)
C. Praeger
330ANZIAM 2009: The 45th Applied Mathematics Conference (190KB)
P. Johnston
334Higher Degrees and Honours Bachelor Degrees in mathematics and statistics completed in Australia in 2008 (100KB)
P. Johnston
339Obituary: Ed Smith (80KB)
R. Quispel and P. Stacey
343A generalised converse mean value theorem (130KB)
R. Almeida
346Square products of punctured sequences of factorials (150KB)
R. Mabry and L. McCormick
353Differentiability of a pathological function, diophantine approximation, and a reformulation of the Thue–Siegel–Roth theorem (160KB)
J. Varona
362Book reviews (190KB)
  • The Shape of Content: Creative Writing in Mathematics and Science, edited by C. Davis, M.W. Senechal and J. Zwicky (Reviewed by Phill Schultz)
  • Mathematics in Ancient Iraq: A Social History, by E. Robson (Reviewed by Bob Berghout)
369AMSI News (90KB)
G. Prince
371News (110KB)
383AustMS (90KB)

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