Volume 37 Number 2 May 2010

Complete issue (1.2MB) (Updated 27 May 2010.)


62 Editorial (49KB)
63 President's column (98KB)
N. Joshi
65 Maths Matters (131KB)
J. McIntosh
69 Puzzle corner 17 (205KB)
I. Guo
74 Mathematical Minds (98KB)
C. O'Keefe
78 Australian Academy of Science Fellows (102KB)
80 The Felix Klein Award for 2009 (82KB)
International Commission on Mathematical Instruction
82 53rd Annual Meeting of the Australian Mathematical Society (82KB)
R. Burachik, V. Ejov, Y. Kaya, L. Ward
84 Report on NSW ANZIAM 2009 (66KB)
G. Cox and M.I. Nelson
85 Mathematics Olympiads: Good Problems Appeal (102KB)
H. Lausch
88 Industrial Mathematics: 'On the Crest of a Wave' (98KB)
G. Wake
91 Vacation students enjoy a Big Day In (127KB)
S. Wood
93 Singularities in Bairstow's method (205KB)
A. Sofo and A. Glasson
101 Centroid of a quadrilateral (115KB)
J.B. Miller
105 Equivalence of two mathematical models of injecting drug use, using Cauchy's integral theorem (115KB)
G.J. Londish, J.A. Kwon, D.P. Wilson
110 Book reviews (193KB)
  • Linear Algebra: Theory and Applications by W. Cheney and D. Kincaid (Reviewed by D. Lesmono)
  • Recountings: Conversations with MIT Mathematicians by J. Segel (Ed.) (Reviewed by M. Varghese)
  • The Princeton Companion to Mathematics by T. Gowers (Ed.) (Reviewed by M. Cowling)
  • Eureka Man: The Life and Legacy of Archimedes by A. Hirshfeld (Reviewed by B. Berghout)
119 AMSI News (98KB)
G. Prince
122 News (115KB)
(27 May 2010. The announcement of the 2010 New Zealand Mathematical Society Colloquium on page 130 has been updated. We apologise for errors in the print version.)
134 AustMS (98KB)

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