Volume 39 Number 2 May 2012

Complete issue (1.7MB)


70 Editorial (67KB)
71 President's column (225KB)
P. Taylor
73 Puzzle corner 27 (163KB)
I. Guo
81 An invitation to use MathJax (107KB)
M. Doob
83 Book reviews (241KB)
  • Viewpoints: Mathematical Perspective and Fractal Geometry in Art by M. Frantz and A. Crannell (Reviewed by Phill Schultz)
  • What's luck got to do with it? The history, mathematics and psychology of the gambler's illusion by J. Mazur (Reviewed by Terry Mills and Ben Ong)
89 AMSI News (107KB)
G. Prince
92 News (113KB)
101 AustMS (122KB)


AMSI Internships (54MB)
AMSI-SSAI Lecturer 2012 Christian P. Robert (285KB)
AMSI Workshop Funding Rounds (511KB)

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