Volume 36 Number 2 May 2009

Complete issue (1.3MB)


86 Editorial (50KB)
87 President’s column (120KB)
N. Joshi
90 Maths Matters: What do we need: herd immunity or a lone gold medallist? (100KB)
L. Forbes
93 Puzzle corner 12 (190KB)
N. Do
98 Mathematical Minds (150KB)
N. Joshi
105 The Access Grid (260KB)
B. Blyth and J. Bell
110 Obituary Ernie Tuck (100KB)
E. Cousins, P. Gill, N. Newman and Y. Stokes
117 Obituary Ernie Tuck (150KB)
N. de Mestre
119 Crime investigation: an introduction to error-correcting codes (140KB)
G. Myerson
127 A geometric approach to saddle points of surfaces (260KB)
S.R. Ghorpade and B.V. Limaye
137 Book reviews (270KB)
  • Making Mathematics with Needlework, by Sarah-Marie Belcastro and Carolyn Yackel (eds)(Reviewed by Frances Mills and T.M. Mills)
  • Geometric Puzzle Design, by Stewart Coffin
    (Reviewed by Leanne Rylands)
  • Invitation to Discrete Mathematics (second edition), by Jiri Matousek and Jaroslav Nesetril (Reviewed by Murray Elder)
142 AMSI News (70KB)
P. Broadbridge
144 News (120KB)

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