Volume 39 Number 4 September 2012

Complete issue (6.7MB)


164 Editorial (63KB)
165 President's column (246KB)
P. Taylor
168 Puzzle Corner 29 (202KB)
I. Guo
175 2012 Australian Laureate Fellows (134KB)
177 ANZIAM 2012: the 48th Applied Mathematics Conference (1.1MB)
Simon Clarke
180 CSIRO announces its new Divisional Chief of Mathematics, Informatics and Statistics (CMIS): Dr Bronwyn Harch (226KB)
182 Book reviews (192KB)
  • Elliptic Tales: Curves, Counting and Number Theory by Avner Ash and Robert Gross (Reviewed by Phill Schultz)
  • Fascinating Mathematical People: Interviews and Memoirs by Donald J. Albers and Gerald L. Alexanderson (editors) (Reviewed by Phill Schultz)
187 NCMS News (124KB)
N. Joshi
191 AMSI News (121KB)
G. Prince
194 News (164KB)
210 AustMS (99KB)


AMSI/AustMS/ANZIAM Funding Rounds (952KB)
Mathematics of Planet Earth 2013 (2.1MB)
AMSI Vacation Research Scholarships (1.4MB)
2012 AMSI Summer Symposium in Bioinformatics (593KB)

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