Volume 37 Number 3 July 2010

Complete issue (1.2MB)


138 Editorial (53KB)
140 President's column (98KB)
N. Joshi
141 Maths Matters (115KB)
G. Brown
146 Puzzle corner 18 (176KB)
I. Guo
150 Mathematical Minds (90KB)
H. Rubinstein
155 Report on Phylomania (66KB)
P. Jarvis
157 ANZIAM 2010 (147KB)
N. Walters and A. James
160 The Australian Curriculum for Mathematics (106KB)
M. Evans
165 Obituary: Douglas Walter Noble Stibbs (102KB)
M. Stibbs
168 Pricing and risk measurement with backward stochastic differential equations (135KB)
S. Cohen
170 Finding Hamiltonian cycles using an interior point method (418KB)
M. Haythorpe
180 Trees, the Cantor set and the irrational numbers (147KB)
D. Gauld
184 Book reviews (152KB)
  • Legacy of the Luoshu by Frank J. Swetz (Reviewed by P. Schultz)
  • Mythematics: Solving the 12 Labours of Hercules by M. Huber (Reviewed by P. Schultz)
  • Mrs Perkins's Electric Quilt by Paul J. Nahin (Reviewed by G. Royle)
190 AMSI News (82KB)
G. Prince
192 News (139KB)
208 AustMS (86KB)

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