Volume 36 Number 4 September 2009

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230 Editorial (50KB)
231 President’s column (100KB)
N. Joshi
233 Letter to the editors: Sophisticated computer-aided assessment is certainly possible, but what are we trying to achieve? (70KB)
C. Sangwin
235 Maths Matters: Where to from here? (90KB)
A. Carey
238 Puzzle corner 14 (160KB)
N. Do
244 Mathematical Minds (100KB) (This interview was updated 2 October 2009. We apologize for errors in the print version.)
C. Praeger
247 CSIRO awards mathematician for industry engagement (180KB)
S. Wood
249 The 2009 Abel Prize Ceremony (110KB)
N. Trudinger
251 Journal lists and the ERA (60KB)
252 Two Gold Medals at IMO in Bremen (140KB) (Updated version 7 November 09 with correct author contact details. We apologize for this error.)
P. Taylor
254 Is there a parallel between GM and Australian universities? (80KB)
N. Smyth
258 Calculus: A Marxist approach (230KB)
C. Fahey, C.T. Lenard, T.M. Mills and L. Milne
266 Zeta-functions through the 2-adic looking glass (130KB)
D. Delbourgo
273 A problem involving binomial coefficients (80KB)
M. Hirschhorn
276 Book reviews (490KB)
  • Logical Labyrinths, by Raymond Smullyan (Reviewed by Phill Schultz)
  • The Wraparound Universe, by Jean-Pierre Luminet (Reviewed by Gordon Clarke)
  • Emmy Noether: The Mother of Modern Algebra, by Margaret Tent (Reviewed by Aleah Poncini)
  • How Mathematicians Think: Using Ambiguity, Contradiction, and Paradox to Create Mathematics by William Byers (Reviewed by Bob Anderssen)
287 AMSI News (80KB)
P. Broadbridge
289 News (100KB)

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