Volume 31 Number 3 July 2004

Complete issue (3.2MB)


141 Editorial (94KB)
142 President's column (229KB)
T. Guttman
144 Letter to the editors (168KB)
145 Math Matters (229KB)
G. Gaudry
147 Mathellaneous (938KB)
D. Mathews
157 Brain Drain (119KB)
T. Tao
160 Australian Academy of Science Fellows (115KB)
161 Gravity matters (176KB)
R. Bartnik
165 Statistical properties of the primes and the Riemann zeros (172KB)
P.J. Forrester
170 In quest of Olympiad problems (102KB)
H. Lausch
172 ICIAM 2003 - the last word (180KB)
N. Barton
173 On the importance of not jumping to conclusions (53KB)
P. Hall
175 Real world mathematics in action 2002! (893KB)
C. Mangelsdorf, P. Taylor, A. Tordesillas
184 Some representations of pi (168KB)
A. Sofo
190 Ramanujan's approximation to the zero of a continued fraction' (106KB)
M. Hirschhorn
194 Euler polynomials of higher order involving the Stirling numbers of the second kind (127KB)
Q-M. Luo
197 On weighted means preserving regular variation (168KB)
S. Simic
132 Book reviews (274KB)
  • Fourier Analysis, an Introduction by E.M. Stein and R. Shakarchi (Reviewed by Philip Laird)
  • Mathematical Puzzles, A Connoisseur's Collection by P. Winkler (Reviewed by Norman Do)
  • 17 Lectures of Fermat Numbers From Number Theory to Geometry by M. Krizek, F. Luca and L. Somer (Reviewed by A. Wolff)
  • Contemporary Abstract Algebra by J.A. Gallian (Reviewed by R.B. Eggleton)
207 News (207KB)

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