Volume 37 Number 1 March 2010

Complete issue (729KB)


2 Editorial (60KB)
3 President’s column (102KB)
N. Joshi
6 Puzzle corner 16 (123KB)
I. Guo
10 Mathematical Minds (102KB)
D. Ellwood
15 A mathematician reflecting on the International Olympiad in Informatics (168KB)
B.A. Burton
22 Winners of the AustMS medal for 2009 (90KB)
A. Ram, T. Dooley and B. McKay
24 Bob Anderssen awarded the 2010 ANZIAM Medal (70KB)
G. Wake, J. Hill and C. Pearce
26 Obituary: Clive Davis (90KB)
V. Hart and K. Matthews
29 Some constraints on the existence of a perfect cuboid (115KB)
T. Roberts
32 Some results in the study of the continuous real functions (102KB)
D. Teodorescu
34 Book reviews (180KB)
  • Mathematicians of the World, Unite! The International Congress of Mathematicians—A Human Endeavor, by Guillermo P. Curbera (Reviewed by Dharma Lesmono)
  • A Lifetime of Puzzles: Honoring Martin Gardner, by Erik Demaine, Martin Demaine and Tom Rogers (eds) (Reviewed by Phill Schultz)
  • Topics in Graph Theory: Graphs and Their Cartesian Products, by Wilfried Imrich, Sandi Klavžar and Douglas F. Rall (Reviewed by Lakoa Fitina)
39 AMSI News (70KB)
G. Prince
41 News (111KB)
56 AustMS (106KB)

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