Volume 35 Number 5 November 2008

Complete issue (850KB) (Correction 2 March 2009)


294 Editorial (40KB)
296 President’s column (70KB)
P. Hall
298 Maths Matters: It is the perception that counts, not the reality! (110KB)
B. Anderssen
306 Puzzle corner 10 (140KB)
N. Do
311 The Access Grid: What is the Access Grid? . . . and what is it good for? (120KB)
B. Blyth
315 A graduate modelling workshop: Canadian style (90KB)
N. Fowkes and P. Broadbridge
319 Ninth Australasian Conference on Mathematics and Computers in Sport (40KB)
N. de Mestre

Higher Degrees and Honours Bachelor Degrees in
Mathematics and Statistics completed in Australia in 2007 (70KB)
P. Johnston
Correction 2 March 2009

325 Osculation by circumcircles of a pantograph (190KB)
J. Miller
332 Minimal faithful permutation degrees of finite groups (130KB)
N. Saunders
339 From Lalescu’s sequence to a Gamma function limit (100KB)
O. Furdui
345 Book reviews (90KB)
  • Twisted, by Ian G. Enting (Reviewed by Roger Stone)
  • A Mathematical Mosaic: Patterns & Problem Solving (Second Edition), by Ravi Vakil
    (Reviewed by N. Do)
348 AMSI News: Mathematical sciences and economic stability (70KB)
P. Broadbridge
350 News (90KB)
363 AustMS News (50KB)

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