Volume 38 Number 1 March 2011

Complete issue (2.5MB)


2 Editorial (78KB)
3 President's column (266KB)
Peter Taylor
6 Classroom Notes: A national discipline-specific professional development program for lecturers and tutors in the mathematical sciences (115KB)
Walter Bloom, Matt Bower, Natalie Brown, Diane Donovan, Nalini Joshi, Birgit Loch, Jane Skalicky and Leigh Wood
9 Maths Matters: Nefarious numbers (303KB)
Douglas N Arnold and Kristine K Fowler
17 Puzzle corner 21 (184KB)
Ivan Guo
23 Mathematical Minds (139KB)
Kate Smith-Miles
28 AMSI workshop: New directions in geometric group theory (188KB)
Murray Elder, Lawrence Reeves and Stephan Tillmann
30 Obituary: John Makepeace Bennett (451KB)
Jenny Edwards
33 Obituary: Alfred Jacobus (Alf) van der Poorten (127KB)
David Hunt
37 Matrix factorisations (172KB)
Amnon Neeman
42 Separation of variables for the symplectic character using Sklyanin's Q-operator approach (119KB)
Anita Ponsaing
44 Book reviews (176KB)
  • Roads to Infinity by John Stillwell (Reviewed by Phill Schultz)
47 AMSI News (131KB)
Geoff Prince
50 News (147KB)
64 AustMS (135KB)


Greenhouse 2011 (AMSI) (717KB)
Maths: make your career count (AMSI) (3.2MB)
Australian Bureau of Statistics Graduate Program (119KB)

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