Volume 35 Number 2 May 2008

 Complete issue (2.6MB)


74Editorial (110KB)
75President’s column: A mixed bag (170KB)
P. Hall
77Letter to the Editors (110KB)
79Maths Matters: Back to the future (230KB)
J. de Gier
84Puzzle corner 7 (420KB)
N. Do
90Maths in the Media (200KB)
P. Pleasants
91Professor Jim Hill awarded the 2008 ANZIAM Medal (380KB)
93Noble gas magic numbers: from quarks to quasars (150KB)
R. Simeoni
97MVT rules OK! (110KB)
J.Koliha and P. Zhang
99Doctoral training programs at Oxford University (110KB)
K. Burrage
101Obituary Peter Chapman (430KB)
N. Barton and N. Fowkes
103A tourist’s guide to intersection theory
on moduli spaces of curves
113The case of the mysterious sevens (100KB)
M. Hirschhorn
115An epidemic model approximating
the spread of the common cold
J. Gani and R. Swift
121Irrationality via well-ordering (120KB)
G. Myerson
126Book reviews (360KB)
  • Hypatia of Alexandria: mathematician and martyr, by M. A.B. Deakin (Reviewed by B. Berghout)
  • Introduction to the mathematics of finance, by R.J. Williams (Reviewed by C.C. Heyde)
  • Graph algebras and automata, by A. Kelarev (Reviewed by D. Easdown)
132AMSI News (220KB)
P. Broadbridge
134News (140KB)
143AustMS (120KB)

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