Volume 38 Number 5 November 2011

Complete issue (4.9MB)


236 Editorial (63KB)
237 President's column (245KB)
Peter Taylor
239 Classroom Notes: Mathematicians in Schools: A case study in Bendigo (197KB)
Tania Angove and Terry Mills
241 Maths Matters: Report of the Working Group on Journal Ranking and Pricing (192KB)
251 Puzzle Corner 25 (246KB)
Ivan Guo
259 Winner of the AustMS Medal for 2011 (198KB)
260 2011 Gavin Brown Prize (75KB)
261 Geometry & Topology Down Under (404KB)
Stephan Tillmann
264 Higher Degrees and Honours Bachelor Degrees in mathematics and statistics completed in Australia in 2010 (122KB)
Peter Johnston
269 Report on the 2010 NSW ANZIAM Meeting (186KB)
271 ANZIAM 2011: The 47th Applied Mathematics Conference (928KB)
Jim Denier
275 Mathematics and Statistics-in-Industry Study Group (133KB)
Lynne McArthur and John Gear
278 Reciprocity Agreement between the Society and the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) (53KB)
279 Configuration spaces in topology and geometry (219KB)
Craig Westerland
284 Lift-off fellowship report: Banach spaces and their operators (109KB)
Philip A.H. Brooker
286 Book reviews (258KB)
  • Analysis of Algorithms: An Active Learning Approach by Jeffrey J. McConnell (Reviewed by Gordon Clarke)
  • Pattern Theory by David Mumford and Agnès Desolneux (Reviewed by Tony Pakes and Phill Schultz)
293 AMSI News (186KB)
Geoff Prince
297 News (150KB)
310 AustMS (133KB)


BioInfo Summer2011: AMSI Summer Symposium in Bioinformatics (1.3MB)
AMSI Internship (51KB)
10th Annual AMSI Summer School (810KB)

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